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Established in 1995, W. Maxwell Coykendall, P.C. provides client-focused legal services to Niagara Falls residents. As a business owner himself, Mr. Coykendall understands the specific needs of small business owners and brings his personal experiences to his practice. His practice values integrity, so he always treats his clients and those on the other side of the case with respect.

W. Maxwell Coykendall

W. Maxwell Coykendall understands the complex legal issues that are unique to Niagara County residents. For over two decades, Mr. Coykendall has helped small business owners, professionals, and their families find effective solutions to their legal needs. He always puts the needs of his clients first, making sure they receive the experienced and customized support they deserve.

Practice Areas

Our firm focuses on the following practice areas:

  • Real Estate (purchases and sales of residential, commercial, and industrial properties)
  • Real Property (foreclosure, partition actions, adverse possession, and eviction)
  • Business Transactions (entity and corporation formation, asset and stock purchases)
  • Estate Planning & Administration (probate, wills, healthcare powers of attorney, general powers of attorney, financial powers of attorney, and revocable and irrevocable trusts)

You can learn more about these practice areas here.

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If you need assistance with the purchase or sale of a property in Niagara Falls, or if you need help with a business transaction, W. Maxwell Coykendall, P.C. is here for you. Mr. Coykendall will take the time to understand your specific needs, and then he will walk you through your options. Call him today to speak to an experienced and skilled transactional law attorney.

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